Taylor Swift Is Liking Fan Theories On Tumblr

09 Feb 2019 23:54

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<p>Taylor Swift is letting the fans work out the messages in her new music video for themselves, and to date has not uttered a phrase in interviews or on social media. She is, nonetheless, dispensing just a few 'likes'. Since Look What You Made Me Do debuted on Sunday night time, the 27-year-old has been busy on Tumblr, liking fan theories and reactions. Though she will not explicitly say so, it seems that the star is confirming some of these fan theories — and the fact that nothing in the brand new video is a coincidence. What's it all about?</p>

<p>Taylor has been extremely energetic on Tumblr since the debut, a change since she wiped her web page clear last week. She's like a whole lot of posts from followers mentioning that the entire video is about Taylor making enjoyable of herself, cracking her personal jokes about criticisms that have been made about her.</p>

<p>Posts that she liked stated she 'took back The entire NARRATIVES! What Main Adjustments To Copyright Regulation Might Imply In your.. , 'anotherdramadrama', mentioned that Taylor went after her personal notorious 'surprised face' and the concept that she plays the victim and 'cannot be that nice'. Then, although, there are the more particular theories. Taylor liked a fan idea about the gravestone for Nils Sjoberg, her writing pseudonym, in the beginning of the video — which speculated that she 'killed' him as a result of she plans to take credit score for every part from now on.</p>

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